Our PlayGround

Kids Paradise offers a unique indoor play experience for kids and adults too!

The Pirate Ship Playground
Crazy mirrors
Indoor/Outdoor Slide
Deli and Hospital
Under 5’s Zone
Air Hockey
Table Tennis
Fuse Ball
Downstairs playground
Giant Air Balloon

Interactive rooms – Paris’ Deli, Rachaels Hospital and coming soon – Frozen Cafe

Questions Parents ask

Can I bring food into Kids Paradise?

You can bring into Kids Paradise food purchased from the cafe menu.  We have worked very hard to remove all liability from you in regards to complying with local government food legislation.  The food legislation is very tight surrounding food in public spaces and we have taken on this responsibility for you.  Bringing in food will make you liable under current food legislation and we don’t want that.

Are there supervisors?

During the week there is a supervisor every morning except for Thursdays.
On weekends we have staff on during the middle of the day.
School Holidays we have supervisors every day of the week between 11 and 2pm

Family Pass

The Family Pass provides you with unlimited entry for 12 months.  The 12 months starts from the date of purchase. The wonderful thing about the family pass is that you can play for 1 hour or 15 minutes.