“We are so glad you were born


are alive!”


Welcome to our Birthday Party Table

At Kids Paradise, we love celebrating Children’s Birthday Parties.

We invite you to giggle, share and love each other at Kids Paradise.

The invitation to a party at Kids Paradise is an invitation to a lifestyle of celebration.

To be present.

To laugh, to enjoy and to be part of the magic of saying to someone,  “You mean the world to us and we are so glad to have you in our life.”

Birthday’s are LOVE in action.

What do we offer:

2 floors of playground play

Party Host

Lolly Bags

Birthday Invitations

Party Menu

Themed Parties of which our Signature ones are:

Pirate Party

Princess Party

Mad Hatters

Rock Star



The Menu

Download Pink Menu Download Blue Menu



2Thank you for your feedback


Most often asked questions:

1.  Can I bring food into the centre? No you can’t.

That review culture seems to be growing. It requires us to rate every experience immediately after it happened.  It seems so cool, democratic and faddish to give every person with an internet connection an equal vote on a cafe, a movie, a book, a person.

But it seems to be creating a culture of unchecked and unaccountable criticism.

We want to run a safe, healthy, fun party and playground.  We cannot do that if you bring food into the centre.

2.  How long is my party? For a themed Birthday party you have the party room for 2 hours.  However, you may stay as long as you like.  You may just need to remove your items from the private rooms if another party is booked in after you.

3.  Will I have a party host? For a themed party you will definitely have a host for the 2 hours duration. For other parties we will make sure that there is sufficient staff to help you with your event or party.

4.  Booking out Kids Paradise You can book Kids Paradise out for a private booking.  Pricing is available on request.