A place to connect and have fun

Kids Paradise is a place where you can connect and celebrate moments with your children to say, “I am so glad you are alive and in my life.” It’s a place where you can be loud or quiet, and it can also be a place to go to when you need time to build or make new friendships.

At Kids Paradise, children can be who they want to be. They can dress up and pretend they are the adults or perhaps a pirate or a princess, and the playgrounds are there for them to be wild, boisterous and loud.

playground & cafe

For the moments when parents simply need time out, the perfect place to read that book, finish that assignment, catch up with a client or business guest and to have that all important coffee.

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Children need to know that their existence is worth celebrating, one year at a time. Kids Paradise parties cater to those moments, where you can share the experience with family and friends.

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play group

A wonderful place to connect with your little ones aged two to three. Here you can share with other families, the joys and struggles of raising and bonding with your children, and have fun at the same time.

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In all the hurry and busyness of life today, we still need to reconnect with each other or with friends. If you’re interested in treating yourselves to some great company and food, why not book in for a Date Night.

We know that it takes a tribe to raise a child and that together, we need to celebrate the delight and magic of childhood. Look out for the crazy kid’s events we host throughout the year and join us in a community gathering like no other.

This is Kids Paradise.

Opening Hours

With the conclusion of Daylight Savings Kids Paradise and Tailrace Cafe will not be open Friday night and Saturday nights.

We will be closing at 4pm on Friday’s and Saturdays from Easter.

Easter and Anzac Day Hours

Easter Friday – Closed

Easter Saturday – Open until 4pm

Easter Sunday – Open until 4pm

Easter Monday – Closed

Tuesday 23rd April – Open

Anzac Day – 25th of April – Open